How poor are words in conveying the heights of splendor as I would like to! Yet how rich are our hearts that they can feel – no, more, experience – these splendors! How wonderful it is that even in the most contradictory surroundings we can hold fast to this precious treasure in its fullness! And how glorious that two people like us are able, despite the poverty of speech and despite all other obstacles, to share it fully with one another! My sweet little darling! On this rattling train, among people whose aura could not contrast more with that of the last days, I am reflecting on the glorious grace God has poured over us, and rejoicing in the invigorating memory of our unforgettable time together and our unclouded happiness.

Exchanging letters in 1907, Arnold and his fiancée Emmy von Hollander were united in their desire to discover what it means to follow Christ.