straw stars and juniper

O Mary, what did you feel when you first saw him?
Did love nearly destroy you?

As you gazed upon him, how could you sustain such love?
When you gave him suck, how could you bear such excess of joy?
When he turned to you and called you mother,
How could you bear being called the mother of God?

...Yet the humility of the child dwarfed yours:
With your acceptance you ascended in glory;
He, instead, abased himself, descended to wretched state.

Compared to his humility in becoming man,
All other humility is nothing but pride.
Come one and all, come running!
Come see eternal life in swaddling clothes!
Take him in your arms; he cannot run away;
He has come to redeem those who have lost all hope.

Source: The Roads from Bethlehem