stars and white pine

Awake were they only,
those shepherds so lonely,
on guard in that silence profound:
When color had faded,
when nighttime had shaded
their senses from sight and from sound,
Lo, then broke a wonder,
then drifted asunder
the veils from the splendor of God,
When light from the Holy
came down to the lowly,
and heaven to the earth that they trod.

May light now enfold us,
O Lord, for behold us,
like shepherds, from tumult withdrawn,
Nor hearing, nor seeing,
all other cares fleeing,
we wait the ineffable dawn.
O Spirit all-knowing,
Thou source overflowing,
O move in the darkness around,
that sight may be in us,
true hearing to win us
Glad tidings where Christ may be found.

Source: The Oxford Book of Carols (paraphrase translation of a Welsh carol, “Roedd yn y wlad honno.”)