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    The PloughCast: a podcast from Plough Quarterly

    How can we live well together? What gives life purpose? What about technology, education, faith, capitalism, work, family? Is another life possible? Plough editor Peter Mommsen and senior editor Susannah Black Roberts dig deeper into perspectives from a wide variety of writers and thinkers appearing in the pages of Plough.

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    82: Regenerative Agriculture in the Lake District

    81: Can Metaphors Help Us Live Well?

    80: The Technology of Middle-Earth

    79: According to the Scriptures – Resurrection in the Old Testament

    78: Worshiping Nature

    77: The New Eugenics

    76: Restoring a Farm

    75: Does Tikkun Olam Mean What You Think?

    74: Friends Don’t Let Politics End Friendships

    73: Achieving Disagreement and Other Tips for Political Conversation

    72: Tyranny, Inc.

    71: On Giving Up All One’s Money

    70: How Should Christians Relate to the Consumer Economy?

    69: Creating Our Identities

    68: The State of the Left

    Bonus Episode: Is Barbie a confused mess or deeply insightful?

    67: David Bentley Hart and the Worship of Mammon

    66: The Technology of Demons

    65: Buying and Selling Friends

    64: Mary of Bethany and the Virtue of Magnificence

    63: Phil Christman and Leah Libresco Sargeant on Effective Altruism

    62: Is Money Power?

    61: A Tale of Camels and Needles

    60 Pain and Passion, Part 11: That Hideous Strength Is Nonfiction

    59 Pain and Passion, Part 10: Churches Against the Law

    58 Pain and Passion, Part 9: James Mumford on God, Politics, Depression, Therapy, and Philosophy

    57 Pain and Passion, Part 8: A Canadian Priest on Medical Assistance in Dying

    56 Pain and Passion, Part 7: Felix Manz and the Birth of Anabaptism

    55 Pain and Passion, Part 6: L. M. Sacasas on Why We Are Not AIs

    54 Pain and Passion, Part 5: Eleanor Parker on Anglo-Saxon Christianity

    53 Pain and Passion, Part 4: How to Read the Four Passion Stories

    52 Pain and Passion, Part 3: Oberammergau and the Art of the Passion

    51 Pain and Passion, Part 2: Tom Holland on the Christian History of Pain

    50 Pain and Passion, Part 1: C. S. Lewis and the Problem of Pain

    49: Jenn Frey on Liberal Arts

    48 Generations, Part 6: Canada’s Euthanasia Industry

    47 Generations, Part 5: Technologizing Babies, Forging Nations

    46 Generations, Part 4: Spiritual Realism; Jesus and John Wayne

    45 Generations, Part 3: Effective Altruism and a Scholarly Inheritance

    44 Generations, Part 2: Carl Trueman and Alastair Roberts – Freedom, Belonging, and Begetting

    43 Generations, Part 1: The Work of Generations and the Wisdom of a German Prince

    42 The Vows That Bind, Part 6: Zohar Atkins on Vows in Scripture and the Existentialists

    41 The Vows That Bind, Part 5: The World after Roe

    40 The Vows That Bind, Part 4: Hyperpartisanship and Hippocrates

    39 The Vows That Bind, Part 3: On Secular and Religious Disciplines, and the Theology of the Vow

    38 The Vows That Bind, Part 2: Christian Internationalism with John Milbank, and a Bruderhof Journey

    37 The Vows That Bind, Part 1: Vows, Liberty, and Victor Hugo

    After Liberalism – What? A PloughCast/Wisdom of Crowds Joint Episode

    PloughCast Bonus Episode: An Interview with Johnny Cash

    36 Hope in Apocalypse, Part 6: Technology and Listener Questions

    35 Hope in Apocalypse, Part 5: War, Peace, and Nuclear Weapons

    34 Hope in Apocalypse, Part 4: Classics, Race, and Religious Reconciliation

    33 Hope in Apocalypse, Part 3: The Case for More Babies

    32 Hope in Apocalypse, Part 2: Vikings, a Bishop, and Apocalyptic Comics

    31 Hope in Apocalypse, Part 1: Hope in Wartime

    30 Why We Make Music, Part 6: Liberal Arts for Everyone, Plus Q & A

    29 Why We Make Music, Part 5: Finding Joy: Music, Community, Practical Philosophy, and Jane Austen

    28 Why We Make Music, Part 4: Rowan Williams, Shakespeare, and Doing Bach Badly

    27 Why We Make Music, Part 3: Atheism, Dante, and the Music of the Spheres

    26 Why We Make Music, Part 2: Why You Should Chant Psalms and Sing Spirituals

    25 Why We Make Music, Part 1: Singing in Dungeons; and Dolly Parton Is Magnificent

    24 Made Perfect, Part 6: Takeaways: Why Disability Is about Being Human

    23 Made Perfect, Part 5: Resident Aliens and the Illiberalism of the Body

    22 Made Perfect, Part 4: Velvet Eugenics and Parenting Kids with Down Syndrome

    21 Made Perfect, Part 3: Disability, Embodiment, and What It Means to Be Human

    20 Made Perfect, Part 2: Suffering, Reality, and Rehumanization

    19 Made Perfect, Part 1: On Ability and Disability, Personhood and Motherhood

    18 Beyond Borders, Part 6: Are National Borders Unchristian? And Other Imponderables

    17 Beyond Borders, Part 5: Christian Nationalism

    16 Beyond Borders, Part 4: The End of Rage: Prison & Radicalism

    15 Beyond Borders, Part 3: On Rooted Cosmopolitanism

    14 Beyond Borders, Part 2: Empire and its Discontents

    13 Beyond Borders, Part 1: One Cheer for the Nation State

    12 Creatures, Part 6: Can Nature Be Evil? and Other Listener Questions

    11 Creatures, Part 5: Gracy Olmstead on her book Uprooted and Norann Voll on putting down roots in Australia

    10 Creatures, Part 4: Amish Regenerative Agriculture and Transhumanist Medicine

    9 Creatures, Part 3: Sohrab Ahmari, Ernest Becker, and the Meaning of Tradition

    8 Creatures, Part 2: Animal Slaughter, Online Dating, and Embodiment

    7 Creatures, Part 1: Dogs, Ross Douthat, and UFOs

    6 Violence of Love, Part 6: Does Just War ever work? & other Listener Questions

    5 Violence of Love, Part 5: From Zurich to Somaliland

    4 Violence of Love, Part 4: Unplanned Pregnancy and Rap as Escape

    3 Violence of Love, Part 3: The ScottCast & Rhina Espaillat

    2 Violence of Love, Part 2: Beyond Pacifism and Debating Antifa

    1 Violence of Love, Part 1: Political Violence and the White Rose

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