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    Lancaster Plough Reader Meetup

    St. Mary's Hall, 119 S Prince St, ⁄ Lancaster, PA

    As a magazine we love to encourage conversations and relationships, connecting a network of writers, readers, and doers who, while belonging to diverse traditions, share some common convictions. In that spirit, we’re inviting all Lancaster area Plough readers (and future readers!) to St. Mary's Hall on March 2 for conversation and conviviality. Fox Hill Bruderhof members Jason and Maureen Swinger are your hosts.

    This is a chance to discuss the latest issue of Plough, meet other readers in your area, learn from each other, and generally enjoy good company and refreshments. Please send this page to any of your friends who would be interested in discussing faith, community, the meaning of freedom, and how to live together well in today’s world. We’re hoping this middle-of-the-day time slot will be family-friendly.

    Sign up below to save your spot and a free pizza ticket.