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    Liberating Arts Book Launch event

    The Liberating Arts Book Launch

    The Grand Salon of the 3 West Club ⁄ New York, New York

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    Why would anyone study the liberal arts? It’s no secret that the liberal arts have fallen out of favor and are struggling to prove their relevance. The cost of college pushes students to majors and degrees with more obvious career outcomes.

    A new cohort of educators isn’t taking this lying down. They realize they need to reimagine and rearticulate what a liberal arts education is for, and what it might look like in today’s world. In a new book, The Liberating Arts, they make an honest reckoning with the history and current state of the liberal arts, mounting a vigorous defense of the humanist tradition, but also charting a path forward, building on their tradition’s strengths and addressing its failures. 

    On September 28 we celebrated the publication of this new book in the Grand Salon of the 3 West Club in New York at 7:45 p.m. with professor and author Roosevelt Montás and three of the book’s contributors, Zena Hitz, Jonathan Tran, and Jessica Hooten Wilson. They discussed the new book and the future of the liberal arts tradition.