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    A Conversation with Stanley Hauerwas

    The Vowed Life: Only for the “Religious”?

    The Reality Center, 916 Lamond Ave. ⁄ Durham, NC

    Meet and

    Join us on the evening of October 26 and meet fellow Plough readers for a lively interchange with Stanley Hauerwas on the role vows play in the Christian life. Complimentary appetizers and beverages provided.

    Charles E. Moore (Plough editor and author) and the Acts2 at Duke community look forward to hosting an evening to reflect on the vowed life: Are vows relevant? Should they even be made? What kind of vows are we talking about? Why have vows traditionally been relegated to religious vocations? What might a vowed life look like in everyday life?

    Hope to see you there! Please RSVP as space will be limited.