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    Cultivating a Diverse Audience: A Workshop for Christian Student Journalists

    Cultivating a Diverse Audience

    Online, Webinar

    When your student journal goes off to press, is that the end of the road or the beginning of a journey? What conversations does it spark, and how do you participate in them? Are Christian student journals actively engaging with the world around them, or just catching the reverberations in their particular echo chamber?

    In this interactive session, Plough’s editor-in-chief Peter Mommsen, senior editor Susannah Black, and marketing director Trevor Wiser are joined by Drew Whitley, editor-in-chief emeritus of the Dartmouth Apologia to discuss ways that student journalists can begin with the end in mind.

    We’ll consider how student journalists can select topics to explore, write for a non-Christian audience, plan a life for the journal issue beyond the printer, and engage their campus community across multiple channels. If you’ve ever wondered who your journal is for and whether it is making a difference, or have searched for strategies to reach non-Christian readers, join us and your peers to explore practical tips from a real-world publication.

    This online event is co-sponsored by the Veritas Institute.