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    Ekklesia Project – The Church as Politics

    Techny Towers ⁄ Northbrook, Illinois

    The church as politics means rather than trying to make the church relevant to social issues of the day, as defined by the actions of the state, we practice faithfulness to the gospel by gathering through grace as Christ’s Body, knowing that our doing that is the greatest service we can offer to the world. We practice a politics of peace that is centered on Christ, not merely on support for elected officials whose positions are somewhat less repugnant.

    Recently, political developments have drawn our attention back to our fundamental commitments. The rise of nationalism and the ascendance of populist figures, the widespread employment of racial and ethnic fears and grievances, attacks on governmental, judicial, journalistic and scientific institutions, and the increasing vulnerability of migrants, refugees and all displaced people – all these have encouraged us to examine just what God is calling us to do What do our practices of church as politics look like, in our various communities? What are our relationships to the US government, as providing some sort of rule of law? What is our relationship to the US government when its laws are unjust? How do we support fellow Christians in other places who are struggling to establish sufficient rule of law for them to live? How and when do we confront the abuses of Christian language in the US, in service to the violence of the state?

    Plough will be attending this event.