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    city of Moscow, Idaho surrounded by farm fields

    City and Kingdom Moscow: Kickoff/Inaugural Meeting

    East City Park ⁄ Moscow, Idaho

    This is the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series of meetups in Moscow, in which we will explore the theological, philosophical, and above all practical aspects of living truly counter-cultural lives. At these meetings, and through the network of organizations, publications, and communities that they will bring together, we will look at, and learn from, different ways that men and women in our locality are carrying out the life of Christian discipleship – living with something like dual citizenship: seeking the good of the city, while owing final allegiance to the New Jerusalem.

    Each meeting of City and Kingdom Moscow will feature a talk, debate, presentation, or performance, followed by a conversation over food and drink. We gather together to discuss issues, to learn from each other, and to scheme – for the good of our families, for the good of the city, and for the good of the world.

    We also hope to serve as a forum for collaboration on projects aimed at the good of human persons as they really are, and the good of communities on many different scales: from the small communities that are our own households to the broader community that is the city itself.

    Sign up below for this event, which is co-sponsored by Plough. Please join us at 3:00 pm in East City Park, East 3rd Street, Moscow, ID. If you cannot attend this event, but would like to receive information about future such events, please indicate that in your comment.

    Please note that while Plough is a supporter and sponsor of these events, City and Kingdom Moscow is organized and hosted independently of Plough. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tessa Carman at