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    a painting of the Pittsburgh skyline at sunset by Rachel Rodkey

    City and Kingdom Pittsburgh, November 2017

    Bella Luna Restaurant, 5060 William Penn Hwy ⁄ Monroeville, PA

    This is the first of what will hopefully be a series of City and Kingdom meet-ups in Pittsburgh. We will gather over food and drink with Rev. Carolyn Cranston, a pastor at Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church, who will give a presentation on “Community & Crisis: Where do we go from here?”  A Q & A session will follow the presentation and each attendee will receive a free copy of Why We Live In Community by Eberhard Arnold.

    Each meeting of City and Kingdom Pittsburgh will consist of a talk, a performance, a debate, a presentation, or a panel, followed by a conversation over a meal. Urbanists, historians, nuns, rooftop gardeners, church groups, homeschoolers, theologians, counter-revolutionary hipsters, college students, mother, fathers, and friends will gather together on a regular basis to discuss these issues, to learn from each other, and to scheme – for the good of our families, for the good of the city, and for the good of the world.

    Interested? Sign up here to attend or learn of future events.

    Please note that while Plough is a supporter and sponsor of these events, City and Kingdom Pittsburgh is organized and hosted independently of Plough. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joseph Hedden at, or call him at Emmanuel Reformed Church, (724) 327-3050.