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    painting of New York City skyline

    City and Kingdom New York, July 2017

    Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant, 3rd floor, 121 W 45th St ⁄ New York, NY 10036

    “Our intention is not altogether modest: the regeneration of Christian art and culture.”
    —Michael Martin

    Why should Christians read Meister Eckhardt, Simone Weil, and William Blake? How do the mystic and the artist invite us to encounter the mystery of Christ's being in the world? What are the links between our work to bring the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven; the work of the artist; and the remaking of the world that began at the Resurrection?

    Michael Martin will join the City & Kingdom New York community to address some of these questions in an evening of conversation, exploration and poetry on the occasion of the launch of his new journal Jesus the Imagination.

    We’re not sticking to theory, either: Martin’s talk will be followed by readings of some of the poetry that appears in the journal.

    The evening also celebrates the publication of Plough Quarterly’s summer issue; the ideas that Martin will address are some that he has explored in his piece which appears in the current issue.