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    Goshen College

    Believers’ Church Conference

    Goshen College ⁄ Goshen, IN


    In the fall of 1517 Martin Luther’s challenge to the authority of the papacy and church tradition – along with his appeal to Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) – inspired various reformers to read scripture and to understand the liberating power of the Holy Spirit in new ways. But what started as a renewal movement within the Catholic Church soon led to a host of divisions, giving rise to Protestant, Anabaptist, and other traditions, including those groups known as the Believers’ Church. Among the latter, the deep debts to the renewal impulses of late medieval Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation are unmistakable. In the 500 years since then, the church – including the Believers’ Church movement – has further expanded globally in a great diversity of forms.

    This conference seeks to explore the gifts and tensions of the Reformation legacy for the Believers’ Church tradition, with a view toward its ecumenical and global dimensions. The gathering will focus especially on the debates that have swirled around the themes of Biblical authority, the movement of the Spirit, and the renewal of the church.