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    The logo for Steubenville Conferences.

    Defending the Faith

    Franciscan University of Steubenville ⁄ Steubenville, OH

    In a time where the truth of the Catholic church is under relentless and sinister attack by a culture of relativism, atheism, hedonism, and secularism, men and women of faith need to join together, rise up, and defend its beauty. 

    The church needs modern missionaries committed to rebuilding the faith through knowledge and holy witness in an era when the love of many Catholics has grown cold, 

    Participants will learn more than how to win arguments – they will learn how to speak the truth, how to pass on the faith, and ultimately, how to win souls. They will be challenged and empowered to take the lead in the New Evangelization with holy boldness, zeal, and love.