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Ekklesia Project - The Gathering

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus ⁄ Chicago, Illinois

Theme for 2015: Forming Youth in Our Congregations: Raising Danielle and Daniel to Live in Babylon

How do congregations form young people as disciples of Jesus Christ well?  This is one of the driving questions in developing the 2015 Gathering of the Ekklesia Project. The 2015 Gathering will attempt to address questions like “What else (or who else) in our culture is forming our young people? How do we understand these other actors theologically? How do we engage these other voices and forces congregationally?” and “How can the work of forming young disciples be an intergenerational endeavor, undertaken by the whole congregation?” We will hear from congregations who are doing the formation of young people well, and we will hear from young people who will tell us where they are in life and what their experience of discipleship formation has been.

Will you be there?

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