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    Ebook Frequently Asked Questions

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    What file format will work on my device?

    • .epub = The ePub Format is for the Sony Reader, Nook, BeBook, Bookeen, COOL-ER, Hanlin eReader, Hanvon, iPad, and many other ebook readers.
    • .pdf = PDF Format is for: PC's, Macs, iPhone, and Printing. You'll need Acrobat Reader to open .pdfs.
    • .mp3 = Audio files (we do have a few). The ones that we have are iTunes ready, but will work on any mp3 player. Each chapter is a separate file, and we .zip them all up to make the file download smaller.

    How do I download your ebooks to Android?

    QR code for installing Aldiko

    To read .epub books on Android devices, you will need a free app like Aldiko. If you already have Aldiko installed, then just tap an .epub link and touch "Complete action using Aldiko." If you don't have Aldiko installed yet, use this QR code or download from Google Play.

    How do I put your ebooks on a Nook?


    You can browse to our site on your Nook, and from there, click on any .epub link. Or you can:

    1. Using the USB cord, plug your Nook into a computer.
    2. On the computer, go to the book page and choose an ebook that has a book in epub format.
    3. Download the .epub and save the file to your computer or desktop.
    4. Take a look at the file and make sure it still says ".epub." If the browser has changed it to .zip, change the extension back to .epub.
    5. When you plug your Nook into the PC, a new drive letter should appear in "My Computer," or on the desktop for a Mac. Inside this drive is a folder named "My Documents."
    6. Copy or drag your .epub file into that folder.
    7. Unplug your Nook and search for New Content (this will refresh the list).
    8. Your new book should show up in the My Documents folder.

    If this process didn't work for you, you may need to use Adobe Digital Editions to put books on your Nook.

    Can I put your books on my website?

    Feel free to share links to our ebooks, but do not post or offer copies of our ebooks for download on another website or through another internet-based download service.

    Can I print out your books?

    It may be cheaper to buy a copy. Contact us and we'll be glad to talk about it. If you wish to make multiple hard copies for wider distribution, or to reprint portions in a newsletter or periodical, please observe the following restrictions:

    • You may not reproduce it for commercial gain.
    • You must include this credit line: "Copyright by Plough Publishing House. Used with permission."

    Copyrighted material on our site?

    If you have any questions about copyrights, please check our Copyright Policy page.

    Have more questions?

    Please contact us at and we'll try to help!