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Tom Sine

Tom Sine and his dog
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Co-founder of Mustard Seed Associates
Tom Sine is a Christian author and speaker best known for his 1981 book The Mustard Seed Conspiracy. He and his wife, Christine, have been involved in development projects throughout the third world. Together, they co-founded Mustard Seed Associates, a network that aims to help disciples of Jesus meet the challenges of modern times, encouraging them to discover more all-encompassing approaches to a life of faith. They live in an intergenerational community in Seattle, Washington, where Tom has taught at the University of Washington, Seattle Pacific University, and Fuller Seminary. Tom Sine’s books include Mustard Seed vs. McWorld: Reinventing Life and Faith for the Future (1999), The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time (2008), and Live Like You Give a Damn: Join the Changemaking Celebration (2016). 

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