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    Sadhu Sundar Singh

    One of the first Indian Christian teachers to receive worldwide attention in modern times, Sundar Singh (1889-1929) wandered throughout Tibet and the Indian subcontinent as a sadhu, a penniless pilgrim wearing the traditional saffron robe. His simple explanations of spiritual truths severed the link between Christian faith and western culture; he never accepted Christianity’s cultural conventions, even as he embraced its stark original teachings. A modern Saint Francis, Sundar Singh left the wealth of his home at sixteen to live as a sadhu, or wandering holy man. His beggar-like existence, his intense devotion, his mystical encounters with Jesus, and his simple yet profound parables became the stuff of legends. No one who met him – including the thousands who flocked to hear him during his visits to Europe, the Far East, and the United States – remained unaffected.

    Wisdom of the Sadhu: Teachings of Sundar Singh, edited by Kim Comer, contains excerpts from Sundar Singh’s books and articles, as well as from interviews conducted during his lifetime.

    The article “Sadhu Sundar Singh: A Devout Among the Devout,” excerpted from the book, recounts the story of how Singh found Christ.

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