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    Claudio Oliver

    Since becoming a pastor, Claudio Oliver has led his church in a series of radical steps toward a more faithful Christian life. His community, Casa da Videira (“House of the Vine”), is a collective of families in Curitiba, Brazil, dedicated to “following the steps of Jesus.” Their work in organic gardening, waste management, and fair trade is inspired by Jesus, the first Christians, and guides as diverse as Thomas Aquinas, William Booth, Leo Tolstoy, Eberhard Arnold, and Vandana Shiva. At first focusing on serving the poor – homeless individuals and directionless youth – Casa da Videira eventually shifted its attention – and location – in order to live among the poor it claimed to love and to become the casa it professed to be. Supported through donations, they depend on prayer while working towards financially supporting themselves by selling traditional bread and groceries as well as soap made from recycled vegetable oil. While the group accepts people of varying commitments and beliefs, major decisions are made by those committed to Christ and a scriptural basis. 

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