The cover photograph for this issue shows a conversation without words, conducted in the language of love. Regardless of differences, each person shares this ability to give and receive love – a bond, at once human and divine, that connects every soul on earth.


Another View

Deidre Scherer creates artwork exploring the themes of life, illness, and mortality, working primarily with thread on fabric. In her words: “We are wrapped in cloth from birth through death. With its tactile associations and reference to our sense of touch, woven materials are the perfect means with which to translate human elements that are layered, complex, non-verbal, and even invisible.” See more of Scherer’s artwork.

Deidre Scherer, Child and Mother, thread on fabric, 2005 Used by permission.


Back Cover

Kim Kichang, also known as Woonbo, began painting as a young man after losing his hearing and partially his speech to typhoid fever at age seven. His “Life of Christ” paintings were a response to this experience, and to the ongoing tragedy of the Korean War: “I was praying for peace both to Korean people and to my painful mind when I made the brush strokes.”

Kim Kichang, Baby Jesus’ Flight to Egypt, painting on silk, 1952 Used by permission from Woonbo Foundation of Culture.