City and Kingdom New York

New Yorkers can be countercultural too! The newly launched City and Kingdom New York network seeks to explore the theological and practical aspects of living truly countercultural lives as New Yorkers. Meetings will highlight different ways that locals are living out the dual citizenship of Christian discipleship: seeking the good of the city while owing final allegiance to the New Jerusalem. To receive information about upcoming events, or to explore City and Kingdom for your own hometown, sign up here.

Bruderhof for a Day

Interested in experiencing Christianity as a way of life, not a religion? Join us at Fox Hill, a Bruderhof community in Walden, New York, on the first Saturday of every month for a day of work, fun, and conversation.

The Bruderhof, the community that publishes Plough, seeks to respond to Jesus’ demanding call in the Sermon on the Mount by following the communal traditions of the early church. “Love your neighbor, share everything” – at this fraught historical moment, the practical faith of the early Christians seems like an especially compelling answer to the problems of contemporary society.

Bruderhof for a Day is an immersive opportunity to experience a very different way of life and draw inspiration to find and pursue your own calling. Dave, a construction worker who participated, said his visit “was a good reminder that God’s call on our lives is all-encompassing, and [it] challenged me to live out my kingdom calling more explicitly. Christ’s kingdom includes my workplace and my town.”

Allison, a fashion marketer who has not been a practicing Christian, said that “spending time with a community suffused with faith was striking and exciting. I believe that part of what we owe for the gift of life is to keep our minds and hearts open to others and to what they can teach us, always being ready to … reassess our default assumptions.… The day was a chance to practice that belief. I went home and cracked open a Bible for the first time in many years.”

Rone, a businessman who has been drawn to intentional community, said that his visit “allowed this vision to come to life and provoked me to invest my time, energy, and income [in] the broken world around me more than ever. I look forward to coming again!”

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