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Thoughts on Children

4.5 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

In this little book two fathers share thoughts and helpful practical advice on the essence of bringing up children.

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About The Book

It is sometimes said that each child is a thought in the mind of God. But even if we believe this, and approach parenting the children entrusted to us with reverence, we may often feel helpless—whether in the face of a two-year-old’s tantrum or a teenager’s silence.

In this little book, two fathers (themselves a father and son) share their thoughts on the essence of bringing up children, as well as some helpful practical advice. Both lived in Germany more than a hundred years ago, in an era when parents and teachers tended to be overly strict; today most tend to be very lenient. All the same, there is plenty in what they say that is timeless.

Softcover, 5 x 7
ISBN: 978-0874869347

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