Easter Readings

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Across all cultures, men and women have found consolation and courage in the belief that death is not the end, but that it is followed by another, better life to come. How this next life will come about and what form it will take are questions that have occupied the human race down the centuries.

We hope this collection of thoughts, meditations and short stories will lead the reader closer to the Biblical Christ, and his continuing resurrection...

Books: Easter Readings

Bread and Wine English

Bread and Wine

Arnold, Augustine, Berry, Buechner, Chesterton, Eckhart, Kierkegaard, Lewis, Merton, Norris, Pascal, Rossetti, Sayers, Tolstoy, Updike, Wilde, Yancey, and others

Has there ever been a more hard-hitting, beautifully written, theologically inclusive anthology of writings for Lent and Easter? It’s doubtful. — Publishers Weekly

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Easter Stories

C.S. Lewis, Elizabeth Goudge, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Ruth Sawyer, Anton Chekhov, and others

A treasury of read-aloud tales selected for their spiritual value and literary integrity. Everyone who believes Easter is about more than bunnies and eggs will be grateful for this new anthology of short stories.

The Bell of Sundown Hollow

The Bell of Sundown Hollow

Kirk Wareham

A timeless short story suitable for family reading. Depression and poverty have overtaken the residents of Sundown Hollow, until a boy's faith and perseverance lifts their hearts toward Easter.

Articles: Easter Readings

A woodcut by Lisa Toth depicting a hand opened to catch rays of the sun.

The Legend of Heliopher

Retold by Hardy Arnold

Heliopher spoke to his people: O believe not, ye wise men, that ye can be victorious over darkness by being more dark; only love is stronger. A legend of love overcoming hate, light overcoming darkness. Deutsch español

A woman watching a fiery sunset.

Easter Tears

Johann Christoph Blumhardt

“There are many who feel they have lost the Savior. For whatever reason, Jesus is dead to them. Those who feel they have lost Jesus are actually the very ones in whom Jesus has special joy. They are the ones he is seeking.”

Detail from painting "He Is Not Here" by Walter Rane, showing grave clothes in a stone tomb.

Peter at the Empty Tomb

Colin Fields

The gospel records the actions of the apostle Peter during Holy Week - the enthusiasm with which he expresses his love for Jesus, his cowardice at the moment of crisis, his remorse and the eagerness with which he runs to see the empty grave...

A thumbnail image showing Christ on the cross in Caspar David Friedrich's painting, Cross in the Mountains.

Nature and Revelation

Elizabeth Lev

Unveiling his painting, Cross in the Mountains, in his Dresden studio, artist Caspar David Friedrich "sparked a controversy that would force contemporaries to rethink not only art criticism, but also the evocation
of the divine."