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Grandfather and child reading short stories togetherGather around and read a story together. Here are short stories of love and loss, of strength and of courage. Some will inspire children, while others will spark reflection and discussion among youth and adults.

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Jefferson David Chalfant:The Blacksmith 1907

The Ploughshare

By Manfred Kyber (1880-1933)

There was once upon a time a smithy and a smith. The smith, however, was no common smith, for his day's work was done before sunrise.

Detail of Arab at Dusk by Carl Haag, 1858

The Elixir of Life

By Allen Page

When a disgruntled woodcarver sets off on a quest for a magic potion that will grant long life, he gets more than he reckoned for.

Tags: storymuslimelixir

The Dragon and the Coffee Pot

The Dragon and the Coffee Pot

By Manfred Kyber

A delightfully illustrated fairy tale about conquering fear, perfect for reading aloud to young children.

Tags: short storychildrenfairy tale

Moroccan Building

The Quest

By Allen Page

In this short story set in North Africa in the time of the Almoravids, a brilliant young student sets out to ask a question of the deepest thinkers in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Tags: short storyIslamChristianity

painting of hands holding a red heart on a gold background

The Legend of Heliopher

By Hardy Arnold

Heliopher spoke to his people: O believe not, ye wise men, that ye can be victorious over darkness by being more dark; only love is stronger.

Tags: easterheliophershort story

The Selfish Giant English

The Selfish Giant

By Oscar Wilde

Every afternoon, as they were coming from school, the children used to go and play in the Giant's garden. One day the Giant came back...

Tags: Easter storyshort storychildren