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Grandfather and child reading short stories togetherGather around and read a story together. Here are short stories of love and loss, of strength and of courage. Some will inspire children, while others will spark reflection and discussion among youth and adults.

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A woodcut by Lisa Toth depicting a hand opened to catch rays of the sun.

The Legend of Heliopher

Retold by Hardy Arnold

Heliopher spoke to his people: O believe not, ye wise men, that ye can be victorious over darkness by being more dark; only love is stronger. A legend of love overcoming hate, light overcoming darkness.

Tags: easterheliophershort storypeacemakingsacrifice

ohara koson, three tree sparrows in a rain shower

The Sparrow

Jane Tyson Clement

The road to the village of Drury was dusty, as it drove straight through the meadows, curved down a small hill, over the stone bridge, passed along the river valley into the woods, and came out to the cluster of dwellings . . .

Tags: short storyhopelessnesstransformationthe love of Jesus

A woodcut by Lisa Toth depicting large hands reaching down to a small boy to illustrate the Easter story The Selfish Giant.

The Selfish Giant

Oscar Wilde

A giant receives the Christchild’s blessing when he welcomes children into his garden.

Tags: Easter storiesshort stories

Ivan, Peter, their dog and the white lily.

The White Lily

Jane Tyson Clement
Adapted from Frances Jenkins Olcott
Illustrated by Hannah Marsden

An old man’s life is turned on its head when he receives an unexpected gift.

Tags: Easter storiesshort stories

A woodcut by Lisa Toth depicting an elderly man carrying a small child on his shoulders to illustrate the Easter story Christoperus.

The Legend of Christopherus

Hans Thoma (Adapted)

In this short Easter story, a young man’s quest for the strongest master leads him to Christ.

Tags: Easter storiesshort storieslegends

A woodcut by Lisa Toth depicting a robin next to a human face to illustrate the Easter story Robin Redbreast.

Robin Redbreast

Selma Lagerlöf
Translated by Velma Swanston Howard

A plain grey bird performs an act of mercy and earns a beautiful red breast.

Tags: Easter storiesshort storieslegends