Why We Live In Community English

Why We Live in Community

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Everyone’s talking about community these days. In this time-honored manifesto, Eberhard Arnold and Thomas Merton add their voices to the vital discussion of what community is all about: love, joy, unity, and the great “adventure of faith” shared with others along the way. Neither writer describes (or prescribes) community here, but they do provide a vision to guide our search – and a disarming call to renewed commitment and deepened faith.

Henri J. M. Nouwen, L’Arche/DayBreak
One of the most challenging statements on community that I have ever read. Its radical God-centeredness makes it not only very demanding, but also very inviting, comforting, and reassuring.

Juli Loesch Wiley, New Oxford Review
The undeniable power of Eberhard Arnold’s writing owes to the fact that there is absolutely no difference between what he pro­­fessed to believe and the way he lived. It gives to his words a resonance and depth, a right to be heard. For plainspoken words and the unsettling challenge of a life lived faithfully, we can all be grateful for his witness.

Softcover, 5 x 7
ISBN: 978-0874860689

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