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Their Name Is Today

Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World


192 Pages

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Foreword by Mark K. Shriver

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There’s hope for childhood. Despite a perfect storm of hostile forces that are robbing children of a healthy childhood, courageous parents and teachers who know what’s best for children are turning the tide.

Johann Christoph Arnold, whose books on education, parenting, and relationships have helped more than a million readers through life’s challenges, draws on the stories and voices of parents and educators on the ground, and a wealth of personal experience. He surveys the drastic changes in the lives of children, but also the groundswell of grassroots advocacy and action that he believes will lead to the triumph of common sense and time-tested wisdom.

Their Name Is Today takes on technology, standardized testing, overstimulation, academic pressure, marketing to children, over-diagnosis and much more, calling on everyone who loves children to combat these threats to childhood and find creative ways to help children flourish. Every parent, teacher, and childcare provider has the power to make a difference, by giving children time to play, access to nature, and personal attention, and most of all, by defending their right to remain children.

Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children's Defense Fund
Their Name is Today is welcome reading for parents, grandparents, teachers and all those who care deeply about nurturing the next generation of happy, healthy, whole children.

Jonathan Kozol, author
Beautiful…It is Arnold’s reverence for children that I love.

Diane Komp, MD, Prof. of Pediatrics, Yale University
Stunning… Who would have thought that there was anything new to say about childhood? In Their Name Is Today, Arnold surprises us at every turn.

Joan Almon, co-founder, Alliance for Childhood
Arnold writes with deep insight, reminding us of the meaning of childhood and the need to protect it for the sake of the children and all of humanity.

Timothy Jones, author, Nurturing Your Child’s Soul
In our hard-charging culture, children often get pushed to the edges of our crowded schedules. Arnold understands the pressures, but points to another way. Their Name Is Today is practical and compelling.

Softcover, 5.26 x 7.5,
ISBN: 978-0-87486-630-8


It is a real privilege to read this book that speaks so plainly and honestly to parents and educators in consideration of the challenges society faces with the war with ISIS... As a parent, I am personally challenged to look at my own example which is the strongest teacher to my child... His words are not spoken lightly and those who really want to challenge their faith should dare to read this wonderful pointer to stop and enjoy the wonder of the spirit of childhood today while you still have the chance. I thank JC Arnold for the effort he has taken in sharing his experience and writing another challenging book to help us parents today.

What an incredible book! I could not put it down! This book is filled with great advice for everyone. 'Their Name Is Today' teaches parents that children need stability, structure, patience and love. Pastor Arnold tackled a difficult and sometimes controversial subject making it apply to everyone. This is not a book filled with studies, research, and long, drawn-out conclusions, but a book filled with real-life stories from people from a variety of different educational, professional, social and financial backgrounds.

An easy, but thought provoking read. I dog-eared and highlighted many passages. I would recommend this book for any first-time or seasoned parent, teachers, grandparents, and anyone who works with children. If for no other reason than pages 125-126, every adult should read this book. Amazing quotes from authors and teachers throughout history, with simple, but at the same time complex, wisdom on who children are and of what importance they are in the world. A book worth reading again and again.

This past weekend in Pittsburgh, someone offered me a copy of Their Name Is Today. I hesitated in taking it because I am a grandparent, but I brought it home and read it. I couldn't put it down - every parent should have a copy - one of the best common sense books on raising a child. I live in Florida formerly of Pittsburgh. I volunteer at a Pregnancy Ctr. I only wish I had a book to hand out to each girl that leaves the center with a newborn. I don't expect them free I want to know the cost to see if I can afford a dozen.

I have read ENDANGERED and WHY CHILDREN MATTER; and, have found them both powerful beyond words. I am looking forward to reading this new book very much. Our children are our future, they are our hearts. We owe them all the work we do to make their world safe and inclusive. I believe that Mr. Arnold's books can help us do this.

I think everyone should read the new book. Children have been almost forgotten in today's society. I can't wait to read it myself when it comes out

Every parent, new and old, should read this book. I finished it in two nights. Arnold is remarkable - the manuscript reads on an intellectual level, but also on an emotional level that touches everyone. He is right on target when he talks about children losing their childhoods. The stress and competition our society places on children is incredible. As for diagnoses, sometimes I feel there are more classifications than there are children to give them to. I love how Arnold shares so much of his own experiences via trial and error with his own children. The underlying constant is always love. Somehow along the way, parents, teachers and other adults can forget what a gift children are to our society and how much they simply need our love. Arnold is one hundred percent right; children really are the people of today. We have to find a way to remind everyone of this truth. Sharing this book is a great way to start.

"Their Name Is Today" is a compelling, powerful and clear call for action to address and support the many challenges our children face on a daily basis. Johann Christoph Arnold reminds us that parents and teachers can provide the tonic of hope and inspiration that can lead to the success of all children. A must-have resource for parents and teachers dedicated to understanding the needs of our children in today's society. I was so enthralled with reading "Rich in Years" last year, and now Arnold has done it again. This book is so rich in wisdom about the state of our children in today's society… It will truly be an inspiration to all who read it. I will encourage all parents and teachers that I meet to read this book.

Johann Christoph Arnold’s writing always makes people conscious of what is going on in the world. He makes people aware of the small things, the things that matter, their children – the most important possessions in their life. It is unfortunate in our modern world that so many individuals are driven to achieve success, in life and career. It is gratifying how Arnold manages to put success in into simple terms: love and family. The road of life is never easy, but God does not put us into situations we cannot handle. It is up to each of us to deal with each situation. There are different ways to love your children as they grow into young men and young women. A baby needs a different love then a teenager. If we can follow the formula written in “Their Name is Today”, we can make the world a better place. Johann, I think it is wonderful that you took the time to put your beliefs to paper. I hope and pray that your message is absorbed by all who read it, and not ignored by those who feel that their way is the only way. We are never too old to learn. God bless you.