Spiritual Writings of Søren Kierkegaard

Søren Kierkegaard

429 Pages

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There are few authors as repeatedly quoted and consistently unread as Søren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard himself is partly to blame for this: his style is dense, his thoughts complex. And yet embedded within his writings and journals are metaphors and truths so deep and vivid, they can overwhelm you with an almost blinding clarity about the life of true discipleship.

Editor Charles E. Moore has done us an invaluable service by putting together arguably the most accessible and complete Kierkegaard volume to be published in decades. Here is a book for anyone who takes the search for authenticity seriously.

Divided into six sections, Provocations contains a little of everything from Kierkegaard's prodigious output, including his wryly humorous attacks on what he calls the "mediocre shell" of conventional Christianity, his brilliantly pithy parables, his amazing insights on the human condition, and his incisive attempts to dig through the fluff of theological jargon and clear a way for the basics: decisiveness, obedience, passion, and recognition of the truth.

Provocations is a must for those who truly seek a life of Christian discipleship. Indeed, the wealth of sayings and aphorisms collected in its final section is reason enough to download the ebook.

William Willimon, Duke University Chapel

Moore has done us a great service in sifting through Kierkegaard and giving us his essential writings. Here is a book to be savored, enjoyed, and yes, provoked by. 

Clark H. Pinnock, author, Flame of Love

Provocations brings Søren Kierkegaard, a fountain of deep wisdom and radical faith, to readers who might otherwise have difficulty understanding him. Here one finds many solid and well-chosen excerpts from across the entire literary corpus of this most paradoxical prophet and insightful philosopher.

Softcover, 5.5 x 8
ISBN: 978-0874866348


Kierkegaard’s writing is rich in content but can be tough ploughing for many. This book is an amazing compilation of hard-hitting, devotionally-catalytic writings from the Melancholy Dane. I was delighted as I started reading this book that I could give it out to friends who would enjoy it and benefit from it. It wasn’t long though before I found myself laughing out loud at insights, convicted of my own sin, and driven to prayer. This is one of the best devotional books I’ve read in years.

I lile this authors books.

I'm recommending this book to my congregation, who are hearing a sermon series on John 6, illuminated by Kierkegaard. Not sure Kierkegaard would approve, however ("Kill the commentators!"). I have loved and recommended this book repeatedly for years. Thank you, Plough books for making this free and accessible.

Thank you for making Provocations by Kierkegaard available. This particular one is a gem! I read his Crime and Punishment - my introduction to his works. With Provocations, I am sold out to his work!

Just a note to thank you for pulling together so many useful resources. I was looking for Kirkegaard's parable of the wild geese - and found it in Provocations on your site. A challenging read.

thank-you for the book, it sure stirs you up to live what you believe

Man! First of all, this website is amazing, second, i never read Kierkegaard before, and man he was a genius! He has confused me, I mean, when I read the intro about him in the book, he was sad, and looked like he was all alone, living by himself. But he has such deep knowledge of the scriptures and explains in a totally different dimension! His knowledge I might say is one of the greatest. I'm enjoying this book very much! I just wanna say can the admin add his other books too? 'Cause he has made a great fan of himself!

Thank you for the most accessible introduction to Kierkegaard's actual writings that I have seen. Three chapters changed the majority of my thinking about God and the Christian Faith. Page 93 - Faith: The matchless lack of logic Page 96 - Passion and paradox Page 100 - The folly of proving God's existence I didn't have a category for the ideas I was encountering, but I had the sense that there were answers to lifelong questions in this ten page section. I read them and reread them until I could almost recite relevant sections. I didn't know that philosophers could speak this way about God. This book turned me into a philosopher.