My Search

Josef Ben-Eliezer

144 Pages

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Growing up Jewish under the shadow of the Nazis, Josef Ben-Eliezer witnessed Hitler's assault on Poland and was forced into exile in Siberia, barely escaping with his life from starvation and disease as he made his way across southern Asia and finally arrived in the land of Israel.

After the horror of the Holocaust, Josef was determined to fight for the independence of his new homeland. But as a soldier, the inhumanity of war continued to pursue him, along with the question: Why can’t people live together in peace?

A gripping account of survival against all odds, My Search recounts one man’s quest for meaningful answers to questions that face us all.

Yossi Katz, Bar Ilan University
This powerful book tells the story of a remarkable life – one lived with great honesty and deep conviction, in strong connection to Judaism, Israel, and the Kibbutz movement. It teaches us important lessons about what love and friendship mean. Highly recommended.

Robin Merkel, Yad Tabenkin Research and Documentation Center
A fascinating account…This story makes for absorbing reading – it’s hard to put down and harder to forget.

Softcover, 5 x 7.5
ISBN: 978-0874869323

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I've just finished reading My Search. Testimonials, for me, always have such an impact. There is often something in a personal story that one can relate to and I sensed, with some familiarity, his constant need to keep searching for something which, at times, even he could not quite put his finger on. Relief all round then that he found it through The Bruderhof! Sometimes we keep going round in circles, the answer always there, right in the middle, and we cannot see it for looking! I wonder if he ever thought about why he didn't find The Bruderhof sooner? Of course, timing is always so important and no doubt he was ready, by then, to be guided.