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Your Child in a Hostile World


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A book for everyone who cares about parenting children, Endangered will renew your confidence that no matter how great the odds, the love we give children is still the most decisive factor.

Every parent and educator wants to be more effective. Endangered shows them how, not by offering child-rearing tips, but by transforming the way they view children and empowering them to act on the innate wisdom they already possess.

For parents who try to do "the right thing" but feel frustrated at every turn, or for teachers and caregivers who worry that no matter what they do, it is not enough, Arnold offers the reassurance that no deed of love is ever wasted, and that even the smallest sacrifice has lasting value and significance.

Arnold concedes that bringing up children in the 21st century is going to demand everything of us. But he insists that as long as we raise them with the reverence that lets them know they count, we will win their confidence and their trust. And in the end, he says, if we are willing to put them first, they will give us "more than we can ever give them."

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I just finished reading "Endangered" by Johann Christoph Arnold and find it touched my soul in so many ways. Words cannot express my gratitude for such a gift! My niece is expecting to give birth to a baby girl and I will gladly purchase a copy of his book to give her..I cannot think of a better gift than this book!

I'm working as a teacher and I'am aware of nessessity to give my pupils some sort of spiritual strength in their life's path.

Hi, my name is Silvia Mendez. I am a mother of three daughters. So far I have read two of your books, Endangered and Seventy Times Seven. I love to share great books when I find them. I have read many books, but these two can really be put to work every day and in many ways. I even told as many people as I could, including at meetings at school about Endangered when I found out that it could be read on-line. Congratulations to the authors and the publisher. We are in great need of these kind of teachings.

Endangered is a book for every parents and youths to read, because of rate of violence, cultism, drug adiction among our youths. We are making arrangement to prints copies for distribution in our schools,universities, etc.

The book was very well written and really hit the main points on the proverbial nose. I work for a public children's service agency and will be passing it out to a few select souls who will read it and hopefully pass salient points along as they work with deeply troubled families. We continue to need voices that help us from being jaded when we daily work with such brokeness. Not surprisingly, the best social workers here are Christian - and in a secular agency, they will enjoy it tremendously I am sure. Beautifully written.

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