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    For Every Child, a Father

    For Father's Day

    By Johann Christoph Arnold

    June 13, 2013

    Available languages: Español, 한국어

    • Laurice Cox

      What a wonderful article! I am a mother and greatly appreciate a mother's role, but I firmly believe overall that the father's role is more critical to both boys and girls in their development as men and women. A abusive, distant, passive or absent father creates a great many problems, such as the inability to trust and create lasting relationships, confusion in sexuality, promiscuity, vulnerability to abuse, lack of confidence, self-loathing, and difficulty in realizing the unconditional love of our heavenly Father. Everything you wrote in the above article is spot on, but there is one thing I would add: the same attributes you list make for a good husband as well as father. The security a woman possesses with a godly, strong leader for a husband creates an environment in which the entire may family thrive. Oh, how we need strong husbands and fathers, and women who are willing to follow them, in our churches and in our nation.

    • Birney Kellogg

      Your words are like soft rain to a parched earth. I concur with your idea that the greatest gift to a child is a parent that leads by example, teaches by consistenly living their instructions, and loving in good times and times that are not so good. Fathers / Mothers like that are too rare. I am grateful for the blessed people my parents were. I am inspired by the gifted parents I know in my life. I pray that this Father's Day a seed of renewal and hope may be born in all who need a "Dad", and that every man may claim and live the role of being a Father to every child that looks to him to show the way.

    • Jae Hoon Hyun

      Thanks for the heart warming essay at the right time for the Father's Day. Being a father is such a sacred responsibility entrusted by God. As a selfish man like me, it is absolutely miracle to be a father and to love children more than myself. However, I experience many times that what I can do for them is pretty much limited. Particuarly when they are sick I am helpless. So I am trying to remember that they are in God's hand not mine. This is why praying is the most important task for fathers so that God may lead and guide children's life by His plan not by a man's ploy which may easily deviate and obstruct God's plan for them.

    • Rheba Maust

      My father has Passed away but I was very blessed he was a wonderful role model in my life he was very Loving and he was allwas there when I was troubled for me I could go to him with any problem large or small a very understanding lovable man I miss him everyday of my life. His values are instilled in me for ever Dear Daddy Rest in Peace!!!!

    Writing about Mother's Day is a joy. But writing about Father's Day is sadder and more difficult. Today more than half of U.S. children spend at least a part of their childhoods living apart from their fathers. How do we do justice to Father's Day in an increasingly fatherless society?

    I had a good father, and even though he was gone a lot because of pastoral duties, I knew he loved me. He also set firm boundaries and taught me to love and respect my mother. He was a leader and a role model. I believed he could do anything he set his mind to.

    I've been married for 46 years. My eight children are all grown. I know I was not always a good father, even though I wanted to be one. But with 42 grandchildren, as well as the many other children I meet every day, I welcome the chance to make up for lost time!

    The Fifth Commandment in the Bible tells us to honor both father and mother, and that when people heed this rule, things will turn out well. But how can a father expect to be honored – that is, to be loved and respected – if he does not live a life worthy of these things?

    If a man is lazy, dishonest, impure or indecisive, we can expect no better in his children. On the other hand, a father who loves and respects his wife – and who leads his family with decision and dedication – is the greatest gift a child can have. A child's emotional stability depends on his or her father's example. Because the first five years of a child's life are the most formative, this example should be present from early on.

    From earliest times, men have been expected to lead their families, and we men should be proud of bearing this responsibility. Today, however, too many men do not lead, and often they are not even there at all.

    We men need to be fathers, not only to our own children, but to all the children whose lives we touch. Even men without children of their own can embody the best attributes of fatherhood. In this sense, fatherhood is a duty that is entrusted to every male, and true men will be like fathers to all children. Over the years I have known many coaches and teachers in high schools and elementary schools who were the only father figures many of their students knew.

    In a time when true fathers are so hard to find, we would do well to heed the Cuban writer José Martí, who said that "the greatest aim of our education should be to make true fathers out of the boys, and true mothers out of the girls. Everything else is secondary."

    There is deep wisdom is these words. Boys hunger for masculine role models, and suffer when they do not find them. Conversely, those who do find true fathers can one day become good fathers and leaders themselves, and leave behind a legacy that will change still more lives.

    Daring and fearless, these men will enter into the battles of life as good soldiers, ready for challenges and combat. And like soldiers anywhere, they will remain alert and ready for duty 24 hours a day. They will not be afraid to lead, or to learn from their mistakes. In this way they will make a difference for their own children and for the world around them.

    Men, let's encourage one another to become true fathers again. In an age when fear dominates every relationship, we need real fathers more than ever – men who are beacons of light, and who provide companionship, love and hope in a world filled with loneliness, pain and despair.

    Do you have such a father? If you do, you are truly fortunate. Take a moment on this Father's Day to be grateful for him and to thank him.

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    Contributed By JohannChristophArnold Johann Christoph Arnold

    A noted speaker and writer on marriage, parenting, education, and end-of-life issues, Arnold was a senior pastor of the Bruderhof, a movement of Christian communities.

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