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    Detail from a painting by Vallatton, entitled To Remember Andelys.

    I Send You Out

    Thoughts on Mission

    By Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

    September 10, 2010
    • Felix

      Carolyn I feel the same .so I started something little. If I can have your email I will send you some reports. I think we are of a kindred spirit.

    • olumide agbi

      i totally agree with blumhardt.obivously christianity is about practice purity and holiness not just going to church every sunday.attending church is totally boring...

    • Carolyn Burke

      I was blessed by it because I could hear in the father's heart the desire to see people come to Christ. My heart aches as I watch the "church" doing nothing. They hold services in buildings once or twice a week for those who want to attend but they do nothing for the ones outside of the church. ( I am speaking for my church specifically). I feel such a need to do something and I am asking the Lord what is it He would have me do because I realize time is running out.

    Blumhardt felt a special responsibility for the work of his son-in-law, a missionary in China. This motivated him to write numerous letters—one hundred and twenty-three in all—to Wilhelm between 1898-1914. What follows are extracts from these letters. Full of hearty warmth, Blumhardt’s words radiate a fatherly care, even as they voice a battle cry for authentic Christian witness.

    Jesus is already there.

    There is something of Jesus hidden in so many hearts. If it is given to you to speak it out, then it will of itself spread from person to person.

    Stick with the people

    Stick with the people among whom you have been placed, and win their hearts by remaining among them, so that they trust you. This will take time. And remember: the Savior seeks the lost sheep, not the ninety-nine already in the pen. Therefore stand with and live with the poor, the spiritually undeveloped, the despised, the oppressed. Religious people cannot bring life, but Christ alive in you can, even in the so-called worldly contacts you have with people.

    Much to learn.

    We still have much to learn, and life gives us plenty of opportunity. In our time races and nations are intermingling. We must learn to respect and love one another; world history points to this. There is no other way. God has been saying it for a long time, of course. You can’t even cross the street without meeting people whose ideas are quite different from yours; nor can you travel without soon mixing with people whose life and outlook is completely different. As you deal with all these people, realize this: If God is with you, then he must also be with them! If you think you have to wait until they are converted or changed, it will be the worse for you when God’s kingdom comes. Jesus died for all people, because we are all godless, and all need him. This is the love of God.

    The meaninglessness of Christianity

    Christians are laughed at. Christianity no longer means anything. Everywhere there are rapidly growing circles of people who are convinced that Christianity has no value and can only be tolerated as a personal affair. That is why there must be something quite new, which in our view is impossible - but in God’s sight it is possible and therefore within view. In our sight it is impossible because we do not see the strength for this with our human eyes, and still less have we this strength within us - but for God it is possible. He has powers; He has majesty over the whole world, and he has, in Jesus, a firm footing with these powers among men.

    On quoting the Bible

    I know unbelievers who are much more believing than the believers. The believers are the very ones who are in danger of seeking honor and glory before men with their piety. And on top of it all they appeal to the Bible. It is no good to throw Bible quotations around. There are some who no longer use Bible verses; instead they fight for God, for truth, for love, for fellowship. They fight for mankind, so that men may at last get out of their misery. They do not use the name of God, but at the end of time, they shall hear the words, “Go into the joy of your Lord.” - “I do not know what I have done to serve thee,” they may reply. To which their Judge will answer, “Whatever you did to relieve human misery, whatever you tried to do to make things better on earth, that you did to me.”

    A question of time

    The Savior demands of us that we love even our enemies. He will not tolerate that we hate or condemn our enemies, It is extremely important to him that we not be judges in the world; that we think of no one as not belonging to God. Even when it goes against our feelings, when we see the worst of men we must still be able to think, “It is merely a question of time. In any case he is God’s already today, even though he is in darkness. The darkness is under God too.” If we take this stand, then we shall experience eternal life in our own lives. Then we shall experience all manner of good things coming from God to ourselves and to other people.

    Read more of Blumhardt’s writings on mission:  Everyone Belongs to God.

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    Contributed By ChristophFriedrichBlumhardt2 Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

    A German pastor and religious socialist, Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt influenced theologians such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Eberhard Arnold, Emil Brunner, Oscar Cullman, and Karl Barth.

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