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The Chess Player English

The Chess Player

A Christmas Story

A small-town Dutch chess master finally meets his match one Christmas Eve when an unexpected visitor arrives to play a game that is life-changing. This short story is available as a free ebook or audio book.

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About The Book

Crusty old farmer Dyhema wants to play chess on Christmas Eve, but the parson can’t get there through the swirling snow. Instead, someone else arrives to challenge Dyhema to the game of his life. Who will win?

A beautiful read aloud, this story contains the wisdom and comfort that come from the Christ Child to those who feel a weight of brokenness in their lives. As Dyhema’s mysterious visitor tells him, “Often people think they are lost. They think that nothing in the world can help them. And then God looks and says, ‘It is time.’ And all at once everything looks different. Everything comes into a different light, and all at once you see that all is not lost, but won. Remember this, Dyhema!”

From Home for Christmas: Stories for Young and Old.

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