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    John Constable, Rainstorm over the Sea, detail

    November Rain

    By Jane Tyson Clement

    November 9, 2018
    • ken casey

      Marvelous and prayer provoking thoughts from a wonderful poet.

    Now we must look about us. Near at hand
    cloud like a fist has closed on all the hills
    and by this meager daylight on our land
    we see just this, and this, and not beyond.

    The sodden trees emerge and stand revealed;
    we must acknowledge each one as it is,
    stripped and stark, its basic structure clear,
    the last leaves fallen, summer’s season dead.

    And day on day the soft mist softly falls
    as the long rain drives across the field
    and all the while what we had seen beyond
    is lost and shut as if it never were.

    And we look closely at each other now,
    the bleak roots, black grass, and the muddy road,
    the litter that we never cleared away,
    the broken flowers from a summer’s day –

    Oh, stark and clearly we must look within
    to weigh at last our purity and sin.

    Oh, lovely hills in sunlight far away,
    Oh, curving valley where the river sings!
    Remembering, we live this discipline,
    and hope still beats about us with strong wings.



    These poems and others by Jane Clement can be found in her anthology, No One Can Stem The Tide.

    John Constable, Rainstorm over the Sea, detail John Constable, Rainstorm over the Sea, detail
    Contributed By JaneTysonClement Jane Tyson Clement

    Jane Tyson Clement (1917–2000) was a poet, author, and playwright.

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