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    Daughters’ Poems for Mother’s Day

    May 5, 2011
    • mohana

      the poems written by you is really so very good....the true love of mother can be known from from these poems..i love you mom....

    • Steffi Rachel

      Great lines..!! It's Amazing..!! I LOVE MY MOM VERY MUCH Each word in the poem bring me my mom's thought I dedicate this poem to my mom :-)

    • memoirs of a kenyan.

      WOW! These poems are amazing! 'Hip Hip Hooray' to such great talent.

    • baby maharaj

      it is a joy to be a mother none should despise their mother 4 there is no word 2 describe how a mother feels

    • jagruti

      so touching bought tears to my eyes. I'd bless these girls who really love their moms so much

    • Tolu

      This is very touching ! Thank God am a Mother .

    • bhuvan shree rathour

      its so soothing to read these poems in fact the praise for mother.i love you mother...she is the one because of her i am possible.

    Four High School girls wrote these poems for Mother's Day.

    of mother love

    Those many waiting weeks
    You carried me
    I felt the pulse of your love
    When yet I had not learned to breathe
    And my heartbeat echoed your own.

    And then you welcomed me
    A screaming bundle of work
    And taught me of love
    In the caress of your tired embrace,
    Tired from the love of labor for me.

    As I clutched your work worn hand
    You showed me my rich inheritance:
    A world of people
    All mine to love.
    You taught me the wonder of
    Things unseen:
    The vastest Love of all.

    my mother

    My Mother is like a patient wind,
    And I, a boat, sailing through life's stormy sea,
    Am guided by her gentle touch and small reproach
    And understanding, she quiets me.

    My Mother remains through night's darkness
    Of uncertainty, fear and pain,
    And guides me by her love and wisdom,
    Shielding me from driving rain.

    Through beat of waves and black of shadow,
    My Mother's love will never fall,
    For though I seem to drown and stumble,
    I know she'll love me in spite of all.

    my mom

    Mom's laughter reminds me of a mountain stream,
    as it spills over rocks and fallen trees.
    Mom's eyes have a deep blue twinkle and gleam,
    and dance like fresh dew in a gentle breeze.
    Mom's heart is as warm as the fire in the stove
    whose determined flames soar high and sing.
    Mom's understanding is sincere, and the love
    which radiates from her is a precious thing.
    When I think of my Mom - she's a gem to me,
    like Kino's pearl far out at sea.
    Mom, I love you. You're like the sun
    that brightens my day - this isn't a pun.
    Mom, I'm thankful you weren't a nun!


    A word no dictionary can correctly define: Mother.
    A woman never lacking being gentle and kind.
    She does the tasks that seem pointless and small
    Like picking up dirty socks strewn down the hall.
    Who shows an interest in black ugly bugs?
    And doesn't scream when confronted with a slimy slug?

    Whose arms are always open? Mother.
    Who seemingly is always coping? Mother.
    From birth to death, there's one person who's always there.
    Whether she's close or far away, our joys she'll share,
    This marvelous person will never sway
    From her task of being Mother from day to day.
    So join me now, together let's all say:
    Hip Hip Hooray for Mother's Day!

    mother and baby daugher