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    poppies against blue sky

    A Better Way

    By Richard Scott

    June 3, 2010

    Available languages: Deutsch, español, 한국어, français

    • Angela

      Thank You, for sharing with us what your going through at this time...and reminding us all there is a better way !!!! the Jesus way. I will pray for you Richard, God's will be done... and that you would be in little discomfort...making up for all the comfort you've been to others over the years... I am sure.

    • Peter Hoover

      God bless you, Richard, for your well directed words. The world is drowning in hate-speech, hatred and propaganda against people on every side. We dare not be silent, but speak a good word for Life and that is, Life in Christ Jesus! What you said about your uncle in Borneo not only interests me a lot (we work with numerous very good friends from that island all the time) but it is also the main reason I oppose warfare. Young people are always the ones that have to decide for or against war, then suffer for it, both ways. War is always war against the young. Old men plotting barbarious schemes for wealth and power at the expense of young lives. May God help us! We pray for you in your bodily affliction.

    • Charlie Williams

      Thank you Mr. Scott for your truly inspiring words as they are a reminder to me of what faith is and how powerful it can be.

    • Jerry Gretzinger

      Richard: Your article is inspirational to me. It reminds me of all the comfort God brings to us in our lives. His presence keeps us moving forward each day doing what He has put us on this earth to accomplish. Difficulties we encounter are so much easier to face knowing that your Friend is by your side to help you and guide you. Richard, you are in my prayers. God Bless You!

    • Serg

      Richard, I find myself thinking about the power of words and language. Your words are inspiring to say the least. I sat here thinking about the hardships you have faced throughout your life, and your current struggle. Suddenly it puts things in perspective. Sometimes it is important to just breathe and stop. To think about the things that work, instead of what is broken. It is important to stop and think about the things that make us lucky and privileged, instead of those things that impact us negatively. It is also important to wonder what positives you might have contributed to the rest of the world. I for one, think this piece is just a part of your contributions that have made this world a better place. In a time where the value of life means nothing, you show us that it is truly priceless. Faith, courage, and stand STRONG my brother. We are with you, in prayer, in spirit, and in struggle. Peace be with you, Serg, Katiria, Lei-Lani, and our STRONG familia.

    • Michael

      We hope many more will give their lives for the better way of Jesus Christ! And we certainly think of you and wish you strength and God's grace in your illness. Love from our family! - Michael and Wanda Harris family

    • Father Philip

      Brother Richard, Your words were given from the heart and will touch the hearts of all who hear them. More than words, however, is the witness that you and your Community give to faith, sanity, simplicity amidst such confusion. I have informed our Community of your condition and your sentiments. Together we will pray for your welfare and that of your Community.

    • Jerry Keller

      Richard displays a devotion to God and others along with a keen insight into the often time complicated workings of humanity that I have seen in so many of the Bruderhoff folk. I believe that the importance of our life here is, in the end, what we accomplished and the impact we have made throughout our journey, no matter how long that journey may be. Every day is important and must be cherished, we must continue our work and strive to stay strong and alive and make our impact for as long as possible but, in the end, only God will determine when the journey is over. Richard, my prayers are now and have been with you and your family throughout this ordeal. My wish is that you recover fully and continue in the work you have done so well.

    I often think about our servicemen and women who are fighting overseas. Many come home wounded in body, and many more in spirit. Although I personally could never go to war or become part of the military, these men and women are ready to give their lives, and many have done so because they believe in a better way.

    But what is this better way? How are we to give our lives?

    With all the Memorial Day parades and events that took place recently, I had to think of what this “better way” is all about. Like so many others, my own family has seen its tragedy of war. My father and three of his brothers served in World War I, and his youngest brother, the most loved one, was killed just before the end of the war while he was flying a plane over France. The horrors of this war, especially to those who fought in the front line, affected them for the rest of their lives, all because they believed in a “better way.”

    During World War II, my mother’s only brother was an officer in the ROTC and refused to fight, so he was sent to Borneo to help the people there grow better crops, as this was his specialty. He was killed when the Japanese invaded as he tried to escape across the country. Both my parents were in London during the bombing in World War II, and only by God’s protection did they live through that time. Through that experience they came to realize that war never leads to a better way.

    So I ask again, what is the better way? At the moment I am recovering from surgery for colon cancer. I am only sixty one-years-old, and from what the doctors have told me, my future is at best very uncertain. And now I am faced with having to weigh my options: to either go the route the doctors suggest, which will be difficult at best, or simply leave my needs in the hands of God. What is the better way?

    My situation has forced me to reflect on what it means to turn to God and totally trust him. It has also been very humbling to experience how many people, some of whom I hardly know, are praying for me. What a comfort it is when people support and care for each other; it is one of the great gifts of this country that when there is hardship, individuals will rally to reach out and help.

    It is this kind caring that has provided me the most support. I now know, more than ever before, how each one of us is faced with a choice: to take things into our own hands, to live self-protectively in fear, or to turn in faith to God, to love and reach out to others—the better way.

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know many young people. It is always encouraging to experience their youthful enthusiasm for life. It’s also been a privilege to help direct their lives towards a better way. And I look forward to helping them in whatever way I still can. Some of them will graduate from high school this year. They naturally have visions of a bright future and a long life. Yet hardly do they know (and how can they?) how fast life passes by and that to truly live means first and foremost to place one’s life in complete trust in God.

    I don’t know how much longer I have to live, but I do have today to help point others to live for a better way. It is the way I want to go, and the only way where one’s life can be fulfilled.

    red poppies at the Vietnam War Memorial