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    Beauty of the Lily in English

    The Beauty of the Lily

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    Sometimes the oldest stories are the best stories. This well-loved tale has been read thousands of times, but still has an Easter message for children and adults alike. 3-page .pdf, .prc or .epub.

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    About The Book

    Now it happened one Easter morning that Ivan, feeling restless, rose early and went and stood before the door of the hut. The trees were budding, the air was full of bird-songs, the dew lay glittering on the grass, and a near-by brook ran leaping and gurgling along. The rays of the rising Sun shone slanting from the tops of the distant hills, and seemed to touch the hut.

    And as Ivan looked, he saw a young man coming swiftly and lightly from the hills, and he bore on his arm a sheaf of pure white lilies. The stranger drew near, and stopped before the hut...

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