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    Jean Vanier book cover

    It Takes a Community

    Fox Hill Community ⁄ 80 Coleman Road, Walden, New York

    Join us to mark the recent passing of a man who changed the way the world views disability, and to celebrate the release of a new biography, Jean Vanier: Portrait of a Free Man. Admission free. RSVP in the form below.

    It’s a crazy story. In August 1964 a young Canadian who had already been a naval officer and a professor took up residence with two men with intellectual disabilities in a little house in a French village. He called their new home L’Arche (the Ark). He had no plan, but felt he had to respond to the silent cry of these men, whom he had found shut up in a gloomy, violent institution. His example was contagious; within months the community had grown to over fifty people, and today there are one hundred and fifty L’Arche communities on five continents. Jean Vanier’s example continues to call us to reclaim our humanity, swim against the stream, and stand up for the dignity of every person.

    Families with children welcome. We’ll start at 6:00 p.m with opening remarks by Bob Sackel, L’Arche director and long-time friend of Jean Vanier. A screening of the film Summer in the Forest, about Jean Vanier’s life, will be followed by refreshments. Watch film Trailer.

    Copies of Jean Vanier: Portrait of a Free Man available for purchase.

    RSVP here:

    Trailer image for documentary Summer in the Forest with a picture of Jean Vanier