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cover for Daniel: under siege of the Divine


Under the Siege of the Divine

with woodcuts by Robert McGovern

Berrigan’s journey through the Book of Daniel is loaded with spiritual, social, and political charges. Like his namesake, Berrigan speaks boldly. He scrutinizes Daniel's actions in one paragraph and our own in the next.

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About The Book

Daniel Berrigan brings to life a prophet who has as much to say to our hedonistic, warring world as he did to the people of Old Testament times.

Poet, priest, and activist, Daniel Berrigan has been called “the conscience of a generation.” Equally at home lecturing on his fellow Jesuit Gerard Manley Hopkins in a university classroom, writing books (he left more than fifty to his name), and taking part in creative acts of civil disobedience, Daniel Berrigan first made national headlines in 1968, when he seized draft records and burned them. “Better the burning of paper, than of children,” Daniel later told the judge who sentenced him to prison for destroying federal property.

No one who reads Berrigan will read the Bible in the same way again. His reflections reveal the deep spiritual moorings beneath his decades of activism and demonstrate why he became a trusted mentor for three generations of pacifist resisters.


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