Thanksgiving cornucopia of fruits and vegetables

Giving thanks in all circumstances, remembering the lonely and those who do not enjoy the same riches we do, viewing Thanksgiving as more than family and football, and looking at George Washington's original Thanksgiving Proclamation are some of the themes explored in the collection of Thanksgiving thoughts and articles below.

Articles: Thanksgiving


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Charles Moore

When we give thanks for all we have, we think of all those who don’t. Will we let their need change us? español

Still life with wagon wheel, oil lamp and bread

Lights for Thanksgiving

Jean Bell Mosley

A heartwarming short story about Thanksgiving in another era, with a surprising twist, to read aloud with the whole family once everyone has had their fill of turkey.

Coffee and Bible

How to Give Thanks in Every Situation

Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

Is the Apostle Paul’s call to rejoice always meant literally? Can we really live in a spirit of thanksgiving at all times? Explore Philippians, chapter 4 in this week’s Blumhardt Bible Study.

George Washington painted by Rembrandt Peale circa 1846.

Thanksgiving Proclamation

George Washington

The text of the 1789 Thanksgiving Day proclamation by George Washington. During the time of the founding fathers Thanksgiving was a day set aside for prayer and fasting. español