Christian Marriage

The love that stems from the Holy Spirit is not brought about by human effort. A married couple who experiences its blessings will notice their love increasing with each passing year, regardless of the trials they may encounter in their marriage. - Johann Christoph Arnold

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Why Children Matter English

Why Children Matter

By Johann Christoph Arnold

In an age when common sense too often gives way to the opinions of “experts”, Arnold offers an approach to childrearing that is grounded in faith. This short book offers concrete steps to encourage parents who want to pass on to their children the values their parents gave them. العربية 한국어 español తెలుగు

Sex, God and Marriage English

Sex, God, and Marriage

By Johann Christoph Arnold

A refreshing new look at sex, love, and marriage that sees past the usual issues and gets to the root: our relationship with God, and the defining power of that bond over all other relationships. العربية français Deutsch മലയാളം 한국어 español

Love Letters

Love Letters

By Eberhard Arnold and Emmy von Hollander

They were passionately in love, yet they rejected romance as the basis of their relationship, building instead on the promise of Jesus' words, "Seek first the kingdom of God." Circumstance (and scandalised parents) kept them separated for most of the next three years. But that separation bore its own fruit: an intense exchange of letters.

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Why Dads Matter

By Glenn T. Stanton

Even in an age when we claim to have evolved beyond narrow gender stereotypes, fathers know their children need them.

old painting of saint with Bible

Christianity’s Third Divorce

By Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

How is Christianity to cope with a world increasingly hostile to its message and mission? Will the polarized responses to this question lead to yet a third schism through the Christian world?

Pope Francis recieves Johann Christoph Arnold's latest book in spanish.

A Living Witness for Marriage

By Johann Christoph Arnold

Johann Christoph Arnold and his wife Verena joined Pope Francis and religious leaders and scholars from around the world this morning to explore what their diverse faiths teach about marriage and “the complementarity of man and woman.” Deutsch español

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Marriage - Can We Have Justice Without It?

By Robert P. George

Marriage is the greatest anti-poverty program that was ever created. It is so effective at enabling people to live in dignity and avoiding collapse into poverty that one would almost be tempted to think that it is no mere human creation.