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Life Together in the Spirit

A Radical Spirituality for the Twenty-First Century

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In this fresh approach to Christian spirituality, John Driver shows that the spirituality of the disciples and the early Christian church included every dimension of life.

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About The Book

In this fresh approach to Christian spirituality, John Driver shows that the spirituality of Jesus’ disciples and the early Christian church encompasses every dimension of life. Grounded in the example of Jesus himself, it finds expression in the visible witness of the church community, and in the daily lives of faithful Christians who seek to embody Christ’s presence in the world by serving others.

This understanding of Christian spirituality was recovered in a remarkable way by the radical reformers of the sixteenth century – the Anabaptists – and it continues to find expression among a wide variety of Christian groups around the world today. Life Together in the Spirit will inspire, challenge, and encourage you to experience the presence of the Spirit in all its dimensions.

The seventh title in the Global Anabaptist-Mennonite Shelf of Literature, an initiative of Mennonite World Conference, Life Together in the Spirit includes responses from church leaders and scholars around the world.

John Driver worked for many years as a missionary in Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Argentina, and Spain and has continued to travel regularly to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain for teaching assignments. Driver has been a professor in several seminaries and Anabaptist institutions in Latin America. He has written numerous books in both Spanish and English, including Community and Commitment, How Christians Made Peace with War, Images of the Church in Mission, and Radical Faith: An Alternative History of the Christian Church. John and his wife Bonnie live in Goshen, Indiana.

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Table of Contents

  • Prologue by John D. Roth
  • Foreword by César García
  • Introduction by John Driver
  1. Christian Spirituality in the Gospels
  2. A Spirituality of the Way
  3. Spirituality in Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism
  4. A Spirituality of Discipleship
  5. Spiritualities in Dialogue in the Twenty-First Century
  6. Conclusion: Radical Spirituality

Responses from the Global Anabaptist Church:

  • Mvwala C. Katshinga (DR Congo)
  • Christina Asheervadam (India)
  • Rafael Zaracho (Paraguay)
  • Hermann Woelke (Uruguay)
  • Chiou-Lang “Paulus” Pan (Taiwan)
  • Patricia Urueña Barbosa (Colombia)
  • Nellie Mlotshwa (Zimbabwe)

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