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To be visionaries of peace we need to be contemplatives of nonviolence, people who imagine the God of peace, who let God disarm our hearts, who allow the God of peace to show us the way to peace. As visionaries and contemplatives of peace, we can then become a prophetic people who not only denounce imperial violence as ungodly, immoral, and evil, but announce God's way of nonviolence, justice and peace. – John Dear, S.J.

Books: Nonviolence

Tidings Cover


By Ernst Wiechert

A concentration camp survivor, returning home to pick up the shards of his shattered life, finds his own healing and redemption inextricably entwined with that of his betrayer. Rediscover this classic in the tradition of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.

Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution English

Jesus and the Nonviolent Revolution

By André Trocmé

In this book, you’ll encounter a Jesus you may have never met before – a Jesus who not only calls for spiritual transformation, but for practical changes that answer the most perplexing political, economic, and social problems of our time.

Seeking Peace English

Seeking Peace

By Johann Christoph Arnold

Where can we find peace of heart and mind – with ourselves, with others, and with God? Arnold says there is such a peace, but it will demand a relentless pursuit kept up only by hope and courage, vision and commitment. français 한국어 español

Articles: Nonviolence

Ernst Wiechert, courtesy of University of Lodz Repository

Reclaiming a Literary Giant

By Daniel Hallock

“It may happen that a nation ceases to distinguish between good and evil,” warned Ernst Wiechert, a German novelist and professor, in a 1935 speech to his students, many of whom were National Socialists.

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By Halina King

In 1980 Maryknoll Sister Madeline Dorsey experienced the murder of four co-workers in El Salvador. A young writer interviews her and reflects on Dorsey's seventy-eight years of service. español

members of the white rose

What Was the White Rose?

In summer 1942, German university students Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell began secretly writing and distributing leaflets signed by “the White Rose,” calling themselves Germany’s “bad conscience.”

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Costly Forgiveness

By Michael Lapsley

“One day I received by mail an envelope with two religious magazines. When I opened it, the package exploded, destroying both my hands and one eye, shattering my eardrums, and inflicting many other injuries.”