Stories of Forgiveness


If we hold a grudge against someone, the door to God will be closed. It will be absolutely closed, with no way to him. Only if we forgive others will we be forgiven. I am sure that many prayers are not heard because the person praying has a grudge against someone, even if he is not aware of it. Jesus says more than once that before we pray we must forgive. If we want Jesus, we must have a forgiving heart.

- J. Heinrich Arnold

Books: Stories of Forgiveness

Seeking Peace English

Seeking Peace

By Johann Christoph Arnold

Where can we find peace of heart and mind – with ourselves, with others, and with God? Arnold says there is such a peace, but it will demand a relentless pursuit kept up only by hope and courage, vision and commitment. français 한국어 español

Why Forgive? Book Cover

Why Forgive?

By Johann Christoph Arnold

Read these stories of forgiveness from people who have earned the right to talk about overcoming hurt, and about the peace of mind they have found in doing so. العربية 中文 français Deutsch हिंदी עברית മലയാളം русский 한국어 español

Escape Routes English

Escape Routes

By Johann Christoph Arnold

In Escape Routes, Arnold explores the roots of loneliness, frustration, alienation, and despair and the keys needed to leave them behind. No self-help mumbo jumbo here - just lots of real-life stories and straightforward advice. Potent medicine for anyone willing to down it. 한국어

Articles: Stories of Forgiveness

Watching the flames

A Solution to the Ferguson Crisis

By Johann Christoph Arnold

While all the frustration is understandable, this moment offers an opportunity to find a better way, one that will honor the memory of Michael Brown and bring peace to Ferguson. Deutsch

people watching sunset

Costly Forgiveness

By Michael Lapsley

“One day I received by mail an envelope with two religious magazines. When I opened it, the package exploded, destroying both my hands and one eye, shattering my eardrums, and inflicting many other injuries.”

Izzeldin Abuelaish

Better Than Hatred

By Izzeldin Abuelaish

A Palestinian doctor who grew up as a refugee and lost three of his daughters to a bomb, speaks about his life, his rejection of hatred, and the value of each human life. français

Prison window with chairs inside

Restorative Justice Gets Personal

By Bill Dyer

The morning I was robbed and shot would change my life forever. But could the secret I learned during my long recovery change the lives of offenders, too?