Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is not merely, as some say, “the breathing of the soul.” It is the imbibing of life itself. If we stop praying, life ebbs away. As long as we pray, our lives remains warm, ardent, and vigorous, for in prayer we meet God himself in Christ. In Christ is life—yes, in him alone (John 1:4). We experience this life only insofar as we search for him and love him, and only to the extent that we come to him and receive him in prayer. “Eating the flesh” and “drinking the blood” of the Son of Man actually takes place every time we meet him personally, so that he is in us and we are in him. Neither my prayer nor my conduct can bring life; what is crucial is that Christ is my life.

— Eberhard Arnold

Books: Prayer and Meditation

Wisdom of the Sadhu English

Wisdom of the Sadhu

By Sadhu Sundar Singh

A collection of anecdotes, parables, and meditations from one of the most fascinating spiritual guides of the 20th century. Rooted in a distinctively Indian idiom, his Christian wisdom challenges Western readers to step beyond theological ideas and encounter the essence of the Gospels. русский español

Cries from the Heart

Cries from the Heart

By Johann Christoph Arnold

If you've ever felt that praying was like talking to a wall, the last thing you need is another book that holds out religion like a good-luck charm. Where has the real God gone? Arnold tells stories about real men and women with very real problems finding strength to face life's challenges.

The Prayer God Answers English

The Prayer God Answers

By Eberhard Arnold

In this free ebook, Eberhard Arnold describes the kind of prayer that pleases God, and challenges us to rediscover the prayer that has the power to transform our lives and our world.

Articles: Prayer and Meditation

Coffee and Bible

Does God Hear Our Prayers?

By Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

Can we simply assume that God will answer our prayers? Sheer impertinence, says Christoph Blumhardt in this reflection on Psalm 141. This week’s Bible Study explores the high demands of prayer – and its power to transform the world.

Dan and Hanna in Switzerland

Carry One Another’s Burdens

By Hanna Maendel

Hospital waiting rooms have a way of dismantling the polite distances that strangers maintain. Far from getting lost in my own troubles, I soon found myself deep in conversation and intimately involved in the stories of people I had never seen before. español

aramaic copy of the lords prayer

The Lord’s Prayer in the Language of Jesus

By Colin Fields

The Lord’s Prayer, Thomas Aquinas once wrote, is “the most perfect prayer that we can say.” This week’s Plough Music selection is that prayer sung in Aramaic, the language spoken in Israel during Jesus’ lifetime and likely the language he and his disciples used in everyday speech.

Nick Vujicic speaking

Every Knee Shall Bow

By Nathan Hine

In these days of polarized partisan politics, skyrocketing national debt, and global economic instability, the unusual sight of senators on their knees reminded me of the ancient story of Nineveh. Deutsch español