Living in Community

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A special calling – living in community, for instance – must never be confused with the church of Christ itself. Life in community means discipline in community, education in community, and continual training for the discipleship of Christ. Yet the mystery of the church is something different from this – something greater. It is God’s life, and coming from him it penetrates community. This penetration of the divine into the human occurs whenever the tension of desperate yearning produces an openness and readiness in which God alone may act and speak. At such moments a community can be commissioned by the invisible church and given certainty for a specific mission: to speak and act – albeit without mistaking itself for the church – in the name of the church.

— Eberhard Arnold

Books: Living in Community

Early Christians English

The Early Christians

By Eberhard Arnold

What did Christianity look like before it became an institution? Find out for yourself with this collection of firsthand accounts of the early church. Includes excerpts from Origen, Tertullian, Polycarp, Clement of Alexandria, Justin, Irenaeus, and others — and equally revealing material from their critics, detractors and persecutors. Free ebook in three formats and four languages. العربية français Deutsch

Salt and Light English

Salt and Light

By Eberhard Arnold

Now back in print! Seventeen challenging talks and essays on the Sermon on the Mount, by a writer who believes their demands are viable and inescapable - and must be lived out today. Deutsch 한국어

Why We Live In Community English

Why We Live in Community

By Eberhard Arnold and Thomas Merton

In this time-honored manifesto, Arnold adds his voice to the vital discussion of what real intentional community is all about: love, joy, unity, and the great “adventure of faith” shared with others along the way. العربية français 한국어 español

Articles: Living in Community

Claudio Oliver of the Casa da Videira.

Becoming a Rooted Church

By Claudio Oliver

"We did not have to advertise Jesus or our way of life with words; we had only to base our daily decisions on him," writes Claudio Oliver in this account of how, step by step, a church became a community.

Jean Vanier in March 2015 when he won the Templeton Prize.

More Important Than Winning

By Jean Vanier

Vanier, who has won the 2015 Templeton Prize, says people with intellectual disabilities have taught him about what it means to be human and about how our societies can become more peaceful and unified.

A painting by Ivan Shishkin depicting a birch grove with sunlight filtering through green leaves.

Can Anything Good Come from Climate Change?

By Bill McKibben

It’s time to build communities, push for change, study the Bible, and take the kids camping. An interview with environmental activist Bill McKibben.

A photograph of Thomas Merton.

Building Community on God’s Love

By Thomas Merton

January 31, 2015 marks Thomas Merton’s hundredth birthday. Using Eberhard Arnold's book "Why We Live in Community" as his basis, Merton gave two talks in September 1968, three months before his untimely death. Here are some excerpts.