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Sex, God, and Marriage

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In this groundbreaking book, Arnold, a pastor for almost forty years, addresses the pain resulting from broken relationships and the misuse of sexual intimacy. He provides fresh biblical insights into critical issues including the sacredness of sex, the struggle against temptation, the decision to remain single or to marry, child rearing, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage. Sex, God, and Marriage offers healing to anyone who has known discouragement or guilt – and hope to anyone who is willing to take a bold new look at a topic of universal interest and concern.

Unlike the vast majority of "marriage books," Sex, God, and Marriage digs deeper than the usual "issues" and goes to the root: our relationship with God, and the defining power of that relationship over all others in our lives.

More than ever, we need to come back to an understanding of the church as a living body of committed members who share life in practical deeds of love...We must show the world that the unique teachings of Jesus and his apostles are the only answer to the spirit of our time...Sadly, too many people today have simply given up on the possibility of a pure life. They have bought into the myth of sexual ‘liberation’ and tried to live with its disappointments, and when their relationships fall apart, they explain away their failures. They fail to see what a tremendous gift purity is...Wherever there is a faithful church – a community of people who are committed to living in genuine and honest relationships – there is help and hope for every person and every marriage.

Sex, God, and Marriage carries a Foreword by Mother Teresa and was formerly titled A Plea for Purity. Also available, a free study guide to facilitate group discussion or personal study.

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0874869415

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great read. Loved it. Can i encourage that more of this material be made available in African Languages. I'm a part of the few South Africans that were privileged to attend "model C" schools. sadly my fellow brothers and sisters miss out on great material like this because of language barriers. None the less, this book is a great step in my walking closer and closer to the master Christ Jesus. Thank u

do you believe you can be married in GODS eyes without a ceremony?

It will be wonderfull if you add italian to all the other languages

It's awesome that you offer these books free. I'm looking forward to reading it as I embark on a relationship after a 30 year marriage ended. I have been single now for 5 1/2 years.