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The Hidden Christ

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These letters from Blumhardt to his son-in-law, a missionary in China, turn the traditional concept of Christian mission on its head. For Blumhardt, the gospel of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with religion. There is no need to bring Christianity to people. What they need is the good news Jesus promised--liberty for the oppressed and help for the poor.

In fact, as Blumhardt sees it, the "unchurched" and the "heathen," and especially the oppressed, already belong to Christ, and he is at work in their hearts before we arrive. Jesus did not come to found churches, but to set in motion a movement of the Spirit that will encompass nations and lead to peace and social justice. "No longer religion against religion, but justice against sin, life against death."

Blumhardt writes from a passionately moved heart, hastily jotting down thoughts with little regard for the choice of words or the skillful marshalling of ideas. It is not a matter of theology, but of daring something in faith, of experimenting, and of finding new ways for God’s kingdom to advance.

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I was surprised to find this wonderful book here for download. Thanks a ton for making this book available.

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