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Be Not Afraid

Overcoming the Fear of Death

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In Be Not Afraid, Arnold addresses fears that every person faces - fear of death and loss, illness, aging, fear of vulnerability, and fear of suffering.

A pastor who has worked with the dying for three decades, Arnold knows that each of us must meet death in our own unique way. Yet through stories of people he has known and counseled as a pastor, relative, or friend, he shows how all suffering can be given meaning, and despair overcome. These real-life stories offer sure proof that even today, in our culture of isolation and death, there is reason for hope.

Based on his popular 1997 book, I Tell You a Mystery, this new version has been broadened in scope to include discussion of contemporary issues such as AIDS, suicide, and euthanasia.

Softcover, 5.375 x 7.5
ISBN: 978-0874869163

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In all my life I have never really enjoyed reading until the chaplain at the hospice gave me 'Be not afraid' which i could not put down, it has really put my mind at rest and am now at peace. Thank you for such a wonderful book.

I stumbled on this link while searching the internet for some help with my fear, I come from a family of 6, and by the time I was 31, I had lost my father (I was 8, he was 47), my oldest brother (I was 21, he was 34), my son I lost at his birth, my mother (I was 29, she was 66), then my 2nd oldest brother passed away a week before 911, when I was 34, he was 45. Since I turned 40 (I'm 46 now) I've had a lot of health issues, and with each year that passes my fear of dying and leaving my husband and kids gets worse, to the point now I suffer from anxiety and depression daily, I'm on a lot of medications for my medical conditions, so I fear that I'm going to pass like the rest of my family, I think about it with every new medical condition, will your book help me?

I just finished reading "Why Forgive". It open the door for me, one which I've wanted to open for years after my wife passed away. I cannot thank you enough for the way it has helped me to overcome an obstacle I've been stuck at for over a decade. God bless you and thank you so much. -John.

love this site.

I enjoyed the book, Be Not Afraid. It was well-written and the testimonies covered were very meaningful and inspiring. I personally suffered from a fear of death even though I am a Christian. It is partly from suffering 20 years of nightmares after a nervous breakdown. The nightmares really wore at me. But your book was a real encouragement to me and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for writing it and making it freely accessible for people to read. We need this!

I have a collection of books given to me in time during my visits to the Bellvale Community. They have a place of honor in my home for they are 'food for the soul'. I often find myself reading a passage when I speak at workshops on Parental Bereavement. These books strengthen the 'Spirit' on the journey of parental loss because I feel as I read the words in the books, know what I know, and proclaim aloud that..... Jesus Christ is at the ' Center of the Center.' Thank You so much for inspiration.