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Sex, God and Marriage Series

Posted Thursday, September 01, 2011


Everywhere today, people are searching for lasting and meaningful relationships. For many of them, the sexual sphere is not an area of joy but one of frustration, confusion, and even despair.

Again and again I have seen that when people are willing to surrender their lives to Jesus, they are able to find a way out of their unhappiness. His teaching is neither a matter of prudishness nor of permissiveness: he offers his followers an entirely different way. He brings a purity that liberates us from sin and leads to the possibility of a completely new life.

This series of articles is based on my book Sex, God and Marriage. I invite you to leave comments; your opinions will be appreciated and thoughtfully considered.
– Johann Christoph Arnold

Articles in This Series

Introduction to Sex, God and Marriage

Being created in the image of God is the greatest gift that God has given to us. That is why he first created man, and then woman. He joined them together with the task to be fruitful and multiply and to rule over all of creation.

In the Image of God

In the story of creation we read that God created humankind – both male and female – in his own image. He blessed them and commanded them to be fruitful and to care for the earth. God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.…

It Is Not Good for Man to Be Alone

There is nothing so difficult to bear as loneliness. Prisoners in solitary confinement rejoice to see a spider – at least it is something alive. God created us as communal beings.

Sexuality and the Sensuous Sphere

God created us as sensuous beings. The scent of a flower, the warmth of the sun, or a baby’s first smile brings us joy. To this also belongs sexual attraction. God has given us a great gift in our senses, and if we use them to praise and honor him, they can bring us great happiness.

The Pure in Heart

Only through faith in Jesus can the gift of purity be given. Even then, our battle will continue. Still, we can take courage, because Jesus himself will plead to God on our behalf if we ask him.…

Marriage in The Holy Spirit

Marriages based on mutual emotion, common value, and feelings of goodwill may look stable, but are built on shifting ground and can quickly become desperate and unhappy. Love is certain and firm only when it is ruled by the Holy Spirit.…

They Shall Become One Flesh

In God’s faithfulness we find the strength to let love flow through our lives, and to let our gifts unfold for each other.

The First Sin

Still today, Satan wants to separate us from God and from other people. He does this by asking seemingly innocent questions that sow seeds of mistrust in our hearts.

The Mystery of Marriage

Marriage is not only a bond between husband and wife; it is a bond between God and his people. How different marriages could be, if we were willing to place loyalty to Christ and his church above our marriages.…

Restoring the Image of God

In Jesus there is life, love, and light. In him our lives and our relationships can be purified from all that burdens us and opposes love, and God’s image in us can be restored.

The Sacredness of Marriage

We can never have too much reverence for the marriage act. Even if we reject prudishness, a feeling of reticence should make us wary of speaking about it to others.…

Parenthood and the Gift of Children

Some parents are confident about their child-rearing abilities, and others are not, but there are times when all of us will throw up our hands.…

The Purity of Childhood

How can we guard our children against the onslaught of evil? For one, we have to see that the atmosphere surrounding them is one of purity and love.…

For Those Considering Marriage

How should young people today handle the attractions that develop between them? What is the godly approach? And how can they best prepare themselves for the responsibilities of marriage?…

The Service of Singleness

Whether you find yourself without a life partner because of abandonment, death, or lack of opportunity, you can find a much greater calling than marriage if you are able to accept your singleness in the depths of your heart.…

True Education

What is happening in schools today is much more than just a simple presentation of biological facts. Rather, students are being taught to sin.…

Therefore Let Us Keep Watch

Despite the shamelessness and promiscuity of our time, purity and faithful love – within the commitment of marriage – are still possible today.…

Homosexuality and God's Will

Anyone can be tempted by sinful thoughts and images, but to give in to those temptations and to embrace an active homosexual lifestyle is an entirely different matter.…


Sex without regard for the gift of life is wrong. We live in a world opposed to children. And it is not only governments that are at fault. Even churches sanction the murder of unborn children, and turn a blind eye when tiny new lives are destroyed.…

A Response to "What about Divorce and Remarriage"

Responses to the article on divorce and remarriage by J. Christoph Arnold.…

What about Divorce and Remarriage?

Looking for what the scriptures have to say about divorce and remarriage? Here are the Biblical references that pertain to this difficult question.…