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Plough has been publishing life-changing books on Christian living, social issues, and the spiritual life for almost a hundred years. Explore our growing list of spiritual classics, devotionals, fiction, poetry, and history. Discover books of biblical wisdom on relationships, marriage, parenting, grieving, and forgiveness.

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Not Just Good, but Beautiful book cover

Not Just Good, but Beautiful

Pope Francis, Rick Warren, N.T. Wright, Jonathan Sacks, J. C. Arnold, Jacqueline C. Rivers, Wael Farouq, Russell D. Moore, Gerhard Müller, M. Prudence Allen, Tsui-Ying Sheng, Henry B. Eyring, Kala Acharya, Nissho Takeuchi, Ignacio Ibarzabal, Jean Laffitte

Contributors bring the wisdom of their various faiths and cultures to bear on this timely issue, examining, celebrating, and illustrating the natural union of man and woman in marriage as a universal cornerstone of healthy families, communities and societies.

Tags: marriagefamilyPope FrancisHumanum

A thumbnail image of the book cover, Homage to a Broken Man.

Homage to a Broken Man

Peter Mommsen

Those who knew J. Heinrich Arnold later in life wondered at the way people were drawn to this strange man with a thick accent and easy smile. In his presence, complete strangers poured out their darkest secrets and left transformed. Others wanted him dead.

Tags: biographybruderhof history

cover for Life together in the Spirit

Life Together in the Spirit

John Driver

In this fresh approach to Christian spirituality, John Driver shows that the spirituality of the disciples and the early Christian church included every dimension of life.

Tags: early Christianschurch communityAnabaptistsMennonite

Plough Quarterly No. 5 Peacemaking cover

Plough Quarterly No 5: Peacemakers

This issue of Plough Quarterly offers faith perspectives on peacemaking between nations, in the public arena, and within churches and homes.

Tags: magazinereaderquarterlypeacemakernonviolence

spring 2014 plough quarterly cover

Plough Quarterly No. 4: Earth

In this issue of Plough Quarterly, scientists, farmers, writers, and artists offer faith perspectives on caring for the earth.

Tags: magazinereaderquarterlyenvironmentecology

cover for six months to live

Six Months to Live

Daniel Hallock

An intimate account of how a 22-year-old’s battle against cancer transformed his life and those around him.

Tags: facing deathpersonal storycancergrieving